Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur sits in near the middle of Peninsular Malaysia, just about at the equator. It’s one of Asia’s few truly multicultural cities, with Indians, Chinese, and local Malay (Bumiputera) people all laying the historical foundations of what is today Malaysia's capital city. KL has experienced a sort of economical and societal breakthrough in recent decades, with the efficient monorails, the two new airports and the iconic skyscrapers serving only as physical evidence. It’s a city of great and varied food, and great and varied humans. Humid mornings and humid afternoons, and what remains of some jungle that was there long before the city ever was. This is KL, warm in many ways.
DSC1366 DSC1924 DSC1487 DSC1578
DSC1654 DSC1683 DSC1692 DSC1718 a v tonemapped
DSC1720 DSC1442 DSC1532  In recent years, KL has become notable for its architecture - The Petronas Twin Towers remain the tallest twins on earth. DSC1941  street food along Jalan Alor
DSC1933  The Durian fruit is a local delicacy DSC1937 DSC1946  Jalan Alor is a kilometer of the best, most varried food you'll find anywhere DSC1954
DSC1962 DSC1964 DSC1969 DSC1977
DSC1982 DSC1519  Splash pad in Kuala Lumpur city center DSC1879 DSC1734  The 140ft gold painted statue of Lord Murugan, at the foot on the Batu Caves temple.
DSC1740 DSC1757 DSC1764  Batu Caves DSC1766
DSC1790 DSC1792 DSC1804  At the heart of the Batu Caves, a cathedral several hundred feet tall and a modest Hindu temple. DSC1809
DSC1812 DSC1850 DSC1855 DSC1863
DSC1873 DSC1375  A misty morning in the Klang Valley. DSC1272 DSC1276  Locals KLers are crazy about chilli pan me, made with fresh flour noodles, delicious spices, usually topped with sardines and a runny fried egg.
DSC1279 DSC1280 DSC1282 DSC1293
DSC1297 DSC1307 DSC1313 DSC1351
DSC1361 DSC1409 DSC1413 DSC1415
DSC1418 DSC1421 DSC1434 DSC1437
DSC1443 DSC1618 DSC1501 DSC1505
DSC1497 DSC1451 DSC1464 DSC1473
DSC1488 DSC1989 DSC1921  An orange evening over central KL DSC1915
DSC1908 DSC1490 DSC1521 DSC1527
DSC1546 DSC1551 DSC1565 DSC1582
DSC1584 DSC1589 DSC1592 DSC1594
DSC1631 DSC1639 DSC1643 DSC1646
DSC1650 DSC1651 DSC1660 DSC1664
DSC1666 DSC1680 DSC1895 DSC1684
DSC1713 DSC1716 DSC1834 DSC1840
DSC1878 DSC1891 DSC1898 DSC1901
DSC2000  Surrounding Kuala Lumpur is sprawling primary rainforest. DSC2149