Modern Dubai is a multicultural melting pot of many immigrants and expatriates, under the federal monarchy of the United Arab Emirates. Along the Persian Gulf coast, but otherwise surrounded by desert, the city has grown from a small village of pearl merchants to one of the most unbelievable cities on earth. The engineering feats have been inscribed in the record books, and can leave you speechless. Dubai is a living experiment. An experiment of multiculturalism in the Middle-East, and often a clash between worlds. A clash between times, even, but yet - Dubai’s many modern marvels are not only a source of pride for the Arab world, but also a collaboration between cultures, and people.
IMG 9704 IMG 9726  The most obvious stop for any foreigner of dubai, is the awe inspiring Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. IMG 9603   "Downtown Dubai" as it is called, though not actually the true city center. The huge megaproject is the city's largest landmark, opened in 2008 at a total estimated cost of 20$Billion USD. IMG 9586  The Burj Khalifa is the worlds tallest building , and the world's tallest free stranding sctructure.
IMG 9583 IMG 9604 IMG 9703 IMG 9754
IMG 0579 IMG 9756  Sheikh Zayed Road, or "SZR" is the main artery of dubai. A line of highrise hotels and office towers, some of the UAE's most remarkable buildings are along this strip. IMG 9757 IMG 0423  SZR from above.
IMG 0407 IMG 9641 IMG 0553 b c d e tonemapped  "Downtown Dubai" from above. IMG 0513  Playing cricket in an empty lot behind SZR.
IMG 0549 IMG 0010 IMG 9880  The Emirates Towers, a symbol of Dubai's rapid modernisation at the start of the 21st century. IMG 9883
IMG 9908  With 163 floors above ground, the Burj Khallifa shattered all skyscraper records when it opened in 2010. In fact even 3 years earlier, when it was just 2/3rd complete, it was already the tallest building in the world. IMG 9920  Burj Khalifa from SZR 1And2more tonemapped aAnd2more tonemapped  The main strip of dubai highrises just before dawn.
IMG 0021 IMG 0507 IMG 0625 Untitled Panorama1
IMG 0559 IMG 0436 a b tonemapped IMG 0016 IMG 0417  Despite a slowdown in 2009, construction in Dubai continues on a massive scale.
IMG 0446  Further South-East, the eclectic neighbourhood of Jumierah and beyond. The Burj Al Arab is the landmark structure of the area. IMG 9930  Taken from ~15km away on a hasy morning. IMG 0164  Jumierah IMG 0167
IMG 0172 IMG 0097  There are many souks (Arab markets) in Dubai, both new and old. Souk Madinat is by far the most extravagant, with intertwining canals and views of the Burj Al Arab. IMG 0110 IMG 0112
IMG 0125 IMG 0130 IMG 9970 IMG 0141  Jumierah Public Beach - where people come and take selfies of the Burj Al Arab
IMG 0501  Luxury and exotic automobiles are a sure sight in Dubai. Tip: Go to a hotels VIP valet lot for a free car show! IMG 0476 IMG 0487 IMG 0586
IMG 0594 IMG 0592 IMG 0573  The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world, and one of the most visited buildings on the planet. IMG 0571
IMG 9559 IMG 9568 IMG 9556 IMG 0577
IMG 9817  The old heart of Dubai lies along Dubai Creek, in the old cities of Diera and Bur Dubai. IMG 9819  These areas have an older Middle Eastern feel, with tight streets, open air markets, and a skyline dotted with minarets of the mosques. IMG 9794 IMG 0632
IMG 0676  It is in these areas you  will find the traditional souks, such as the Gold Souk. IMG 0658 IMG 0684 IMG 9829
IMG 9830 IMG 9832 IMG 9842 IMG 9851
IMG 0715 IMG 0707 IMG 0691 IMG 0656
IMG 0663 IMG 0634 IMG 0639 IMG 0631
IMG 0667 IMG 0671 IMG 0679 IMG 9798
IMG 9612  Back to the modern heart of Dubai: a view of Burj Khalifa from Souk Al Bahar IMG 9699  Boulevard Plaza IMG 9735 IMG 0286  Far along the coast to the southwest, the Dubai Marina district is a residential district built from the ground up over the past 10 years.
IMG 0450  The Marina District from 25km away atop the Burj Khalifa. IMG 0190  "The Palm Jumierah", the massive land reclamation project that has garnered so much attention. IMG 0185 IMG 0276  10 years ago, this was merely desert.
IMG 0284 IMG 9993 IMG 9986  Marina beach, adjacent to the Dubai Marina. IMG 0039  Outside of Dubai , local tour operators offer popular "desert safaris".
IMG 0029 IMG 0030 IMG 0044 IMG 0048
IMG 0062 IMG 0068 IMG 0074 IMG 0207  Dubai: Cityscape and architecture.
IMG 0223 IMG 0242 IMG 0265 IMG 9507
IMG 0270 IMG 0314 IMG 0331 IMG 0344
IMG 0353 a d v tonemapped IMG 0355 IMG 0388 IMG 0404