Central Bali, the Island of the Gods

Central Bali, and Ubud in particular, holds the history and the most significant cultural areas of the old Balinese Kingdoms. Though now part of Indonesia, make no mistake, Bali is unique in that its history, and its people are tied inextricably to its rich Hindu culture.
DSC3900 DSC3686  A cloudy sunset over the temples, trees, and ATM's of Ubud. DSC3478  The Ubud area is not a city, but more of a group of interconnected rural villages. DSC4072
DSC3716 DSC3795 DSC3738 DSC3661
DSC3665  Alleyways in Ubud DSC3511  Ubud is saturated with eclectic shops with handmade goods. DSC3676 DSC3501
DSC3671 DSC3489  Smoothie bowls and balinese coffee - the breakfast stable in Bali. DSC3657  Family shrines down alleyways in Ubud DSC3530
DSC3679  Handcarvings on sale in central Bali. DSC3663 DSC3681  Sunset along the main street in Central Ubud. DSC3684
DSC3692 DSC3696 DSC3710 DSC3713
DSC3718 DSC3723 DSC3622 DSC3734
DSC3755 DSC3759 a b c tonemapped  Scenic rice terraces northeast of Ubud. DSC3760 DSC3791
DSC3799 DSC3813 DSC3827  The main tourist streets in central Ubud are densly packed with shops, cafes, and hotels. DSC3839  Before sunrise: the island of Bali, with a view over the ocean at Lombok.
DSC3867 DSC3874 DSC3892 DSC3906 a b c d tonemapped
DSC3910 DSC3912 DSC3915  A few hungry macaques near the caldera of the Batur volcano. DSC3922
DSC3948 DSC3958 DSC3974 DSC3983
DSC3583  Nasi Goreng - simple and yummy. DSC3990 DSC3994 DSC4009 a c tonemapped  Rice terraces north of Ubud.
DSC4025 DSC4030 DSC4050 DSC4058
DSC4067 DSC4075 DSC4079 DSC4083
DSC3502 DSC3505 DSC3508 DSC3513
DSC3517 DSC3520 DSC3524 DSC3537
DSC3534 DSC3540 DSC3541 DSC3544
DSC3547 DSC3556 DSC3558 DSC3561
DSC3563 DSC3571 DSC3593 DSC3596
DSC3602 DSC3630 DSC3633 DSC3635
DSC3646 DSC3632 DSC3649 DSC3652a