Borneo, Sabah and Lower Kinabantagan

There are jungles in Borneo, that are so isolated from civilization, so rich in rare wildlife, so full of untouched forests, that it feels like a separate world, locked in a pre-humanity sphere separate from our own. These rainforests have thrived for millions of years, with many bizarre and exotic species found only here.
We only managed to scratch the surface of Borneo, a huge island with many opportunities for exploration. This gallery primarily looks at the wildlife in and around the Kinabatangan river and the surrounding jungle, and area teeming with wildlife, but also an area that has seen deforestation over recent decades in the form of palm oil plantations. Luckily there are protected areas and conservation efforts, and the further you get away from the coastal cities the more you are rewarded with this spectacular Lost World.
DSC3331 (2) DSC3153 DSC3335 b c d r u tonemapped  A straight look up at the canopy in a Borneo rain forest. DSC2692  This large, dominant male proboscis monkey, leads a family clan of 12.
DSC2706  A friendly silver leaf monkey gets close enough for a portrait. DSC2590  Proboscis monkeys provide great entertainment DSC2882  The rhinoceros hornbill DSC2596
DSC2758 DSC2765 DSC2604 DSC3180
DSC2610 DSC2611 DSC2615  Wikipedia says Proboscis monkeys acheive a maximum weight of 60 pounds. I find that hard to beleive, with the size of some of these male leaders. DSC2617
DSC2632 DSC2637b DSC3015  A playful female Orangutan poses for a series of pictures DSC3025
DSC3027 DSC3037 DSC3038 DSC2638
DSC2641 DSC2643 DSC2649 DSC3371  The jungle is thick, impassable in most parts.
DSC3365 b c f tonemapped DSC3391  Thousands of bats and swiftlet nests decorate the ceiling of a cave in Borneo. DSC3397 DSC3415
DSC2664 DSC2684 DSC2690 DSC2698
DSC2701 DSC2708 DSC2739  Young silver leaf monkeys are orange for the first few months of life. DSC2749
DSC2838 DSC2845  A young silver leaf monkey calls out to her mother for attention. DSC2894 IMG 1448
IMG 1455 DSC2998  A thoughtful elder orangutan at the Orangutan Rehabiliation center in Sepilok. DSC3006 DSC3041
DSC3062 DSC3069 DSC3073 DSC3075
IMG 1356  A massive male Orangutan appeared outside our cottage on the Kinabatangan river. IMG 1377  Critically endangered, he gorged on small fruit seemingly indifferent to our presence. IMG 1348 IMG 1388
IMG 1394 IMG 1416  A large crocodile reminds us not to swim in the water of Borneo. IMG 1474 DSC3078  Draco volans, or a "flying dragon" has winglike extensions it can open up to glide from tree to tree.
DSC3090 DSC3117 DSC3135 DSC3145
DSC3151 DSC3199 DSC3209  Each night wild boar would come visit the Kinabatangan camp where we stayed in search of leftovers. DSC3217  Strange creatures of the night: unknown weasel/cat like creature
DSC3224 DSC3233  giant twig insect DSC3398  A white tarantula on a cave walkway - the most frightening thing I saw in Borneo. DSC3410
DSC3231  unknown tropical bird DSC3293  A cluster of bats inside a tree. DSC3316 DSC3251
DSC3255 DSC3267 DSC3274 DSC3287
DSC3300 DSC3306 DSC3307 DSC3309
DSC3317 DSC3319 DSC3323 DSC3340
DSC3341 DSC3347 b d n s tonemapped DSC3349 DSC3351
DSC3357 DSC3359