A small island some 29 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is one of the Caribbean's driest islands. Though initially colonized by the Spanish during the conquests of the 16th century, the island would eventually find itself under Dutch control in 1636. Ever since, it has been considered part of the Dutch Caribbean. The remarkably warm and dry climate has helped Aruba develop a large tourism industry - three quarters of Aruba's economy comes from tourism or related activities. The turquoise waters and white sand are typical of an island paradise in the Caribbean, but for many who visit, the guarantee of warm sunny weather year round is the reason to return to Aruba.
Harachi IMG 3376  Waves on colorful Arashi Beach IMG 3424 IMG 3584 a b tonemapped  Oranjestad city center IMG 3524 IMG 3515
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IMG 3396 IMG 3395 IMG 3363 20160217 091302-01  Palm Beach has a strip of casinos and hotels - The Riu is the most remarkable of the bunch. IMG 3373 IMG 3453
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IMG 3420  Eagle Beach is long, wide and often windy. IMG 3422  Eagle beach has plenty of quiet places away from the crowds due to it's sheer size. IMG 3434  Inland, Aruba is mostly a desert, which surprises most who visit. IMG 3450  One of Aruba's few industries outside of tourism: Oil IMG 3551  Street car on Main St in Oranjestad IMG 3558
IMG 3559 IMG 3539  While it's not always obvious, there is a dutch influence to the architecture especially in Oranjestad. IMG 3578 IMG 3605 IMG 3616  Palm beach is the busiest of all beaches in Aruba IMG 3619  The Ritz Carlton, Aruba
IMG 3644 IMG 3663  The overnight low usually doesn't go below 25 degrees celcius IMG 3696 IMG 3704 IMG 3712 IMG 3717