Cuzco, the Andean capital.

Cuzco (or Cusco) is the ancient capital of the Inca empire, and thereby one of South America's most historically significant cities. The Inca Empire was the largest, most developed society of all the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans. With the capital in Cuzco, Inca rule extended upon as many as 35 million people, to as far as modern day Columbia and Argentina. The Spanish came in 1533, ushering in a colonial era where Inca temples were replaced with impressive catholic churches, but The Inca culture, both literally and figuratively, remained the underlying foundation upon which the Spanish built the colonial society.

Cuzco sits at 11,152ft above sea level, in the Andean highlands, in an area known as the Sacred Valley. Because of its historical prominence, the city today is a unique antique; many streets, walls, and plazas remain from pre-colonial times. Once the capital of the Incas, the city is today the most visited city in Peru.
peru 1786 peru 1680  The main square of Cusco peru 1695 peru 1640 peru 375 peru 1729  Much of the stone foundation throughout the oldest part of cusco pre-dates the arrival of Europeans.
peru 369 peru 1717 peru 1697 peru 1644 peru 1762 peru 1722  Local market
peru 1725  Fresh fruit from the rainforrest at a local market in Cusco peru 1721 peru 1616 peru 1632 peru 1669  A world heritage site, The spanish litterally built on top of Inca contrsuction. peru 1672
peru 1684 peru 1676 peru 1698 peru 1728 peru 1706 peru 1709
peru 1714 peru 1545 peru 1535  Moutains in Cusco province. peru 1556 peru 1596  The Sacred Valley: 3000 years of agriculture on these fertile soils. peru 1638
peru 1782 peru 1787 peru 1696 peru 1733 peru 1734 peru 1736
peru 1765 peru 1744 peru 1752 peru 1753 peru 1751 peru 1756
peru 1678 peru 1767 peru 1769 peru 1772 peru 339 peru 1799
peru 344 peru 345 peru 347 peru 351 peru 362 peru 381
peru 389 peru 1768 peru 350 peru 1776  The color palette of Cusco. peru 1732 peru 1770