Havana is the capital of Cuba and historically one of the most important cities in the Caribbean. It has seen several vastly different eras; the front door of the Spanish Colonial empire in the 1500s, A trade capital in 18th and 19th centuries, and finally a haven for American smugglers, gamblers, and tourists in the mid 20th century - that is until 1959 when Castro's communist revolution took power. More than 50 years later, and Havana looks very much the way it did in on January 1st 1959. A standstill economy cut off from the outside world has left Havana, and Cuba, for better or for worse, in a surreal (sometimes tragic?) window to the past.
havana1  Crumbling streetscapes of Havana. IMG 4065 IMG 4131 img 4124 IMG 4132 4060
4091 crumbling  With all the crumbling and overgrown buildings in Havana, there's still an feeling in the artchitecture, of something grand, something remarkable. IMG 4125 IMG 4090  Benches along Paseo de Marti IMG 4111 IMG 4004
IMG 4011 IMG 4013  A local bar in Habana central IMG 4017 IMG 4028  El Capitolio IMG 4038 IMG 4050  Hotel Nacionale de Cuba was built in Havana's golden age. It's where mob leaders met in 1946 as glorified in The Godfather Part II.
IMG 4030  Little China in Old Havana IMG 4058 IMG 4122 IMG 4073 IMG 4074 IMG 4109
IMG 4095  The Malecon IMG 4116 IMG 4117 Cuba 045 (3) Cuba 050 (3)  Old cars, crumbling buildings, beautiful scenery. Havana is at times surreal. Cuba 136  "Catedral de la Virgen María de la Concepción Inmaculada de La Habana" - An assymetrical cathedral built completed in 1777
la bodeguita del medio  Havana's most famous place for drinks, said to be the birthplace for the mojito. Cuba 144 Cuba 150  The rugged, aging streets of old Havana, with El Capitolio in the distance. Cuba 075 (2) Cuba 077 (2) Cuba 181
Cuba 167 Cuba 088 (2)  Spectacular piece of architecture: The Grand Theatre of Havana. Completed in 1914. Cuba 039 (3)  Jesus looks over (largely Catholic) Havana. El capitolio  Colonial era fortifications of Havana. Havana Old Havana
Peugeot Cuba 104 architecture Cuba 026 (4)  An abandoned baseball stadium in the suburbs of Havana. Cuba 035 (3) Cuba 044 (3)
Cuba 053 (3) Cuba 055 (3)  Most, if not all of Havana's great landmarks were built prior to 1959 - including "Revolutionary Square" and the Jose Marti memoria, seen here. Cuba 059 (3) Cuba 061 (3) Cuba 064 (3) Cuba 067 (3)
Cuba 126 Cuba 127 Cuba 071 (2) Cuba 072 (2) Cuba 073 (2) Cuba 186
Cuba 094 (2) Cuba 096 (2) Cuba 102-2 Cuba 105 Cuba 106  Tragic: This is where you would pick up your monthly ration allowance, if you were to live in this neighbourhood of Havana. Cuba 123
Cuba 117 Cuba 140